Agro-Biomass Ltd.

Agro-Biomass Ltd. transports and sells biomass (wood chips and trimmings, bark, cleaning by-products – chaff, offal -, husk etc.) needed for energy production primarily for power plants. We constantly look for raw materials to be processed for this aim.

Biomass in Hungary

The raw material of biomass in Hungary is mainly made of forestry and agricultural by-products (wood chips, chaff, offal) and also other by-products of animal husbandry. Biomass is primarily used by thermal power plants but it becomes increasingly typical that agricultural companies (for example in plant cultivation) convert to this effective and environmentally conscious technology and heating method.


The use of renewable energy sources is important for both environmental and economic aspects. Fossil and nuclear energy production causes a significant amount of environment pollution. Mankind vastly contributes to the deterioration of Earth’s condition by consuming such a giant amount of energy. The list of harms is serious: greenhouse effect, climate change, air pollution etc. In order to keep Earth’s present condition or at least slow its deterioration rate it is crucial to produce energy by implementing solutions causing less burden on the environment. The traditional way of energy consumption does not lead to a sustainable life. We already know that with the use of green energy sources we can spare our environment and minimise its pollution resulting from energy production.


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We founded our company in Szentkirály in 2012 after many years of practical and professional experience. Our main scope of activity is the trade of biomass raw material in the production of environmentally friendly green energy. Our main profile includes the purchase, transport, processing and selling of woody and herbaceous raw material. We are active in every part of the country. We sell about 50 000 tons of biomass every year. Our aim is to explore and develop further biomass-related markets.

Agro-Biomass Ltd.

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We constantly provide a steady performance in connection with both the material quality and quantity. Our time of delivery and date of payment conditions are among the best in our field.


We take great pride in being among the first to underline the importance of correct and ethic business morals towards our partners and employees.


We always determine our prices based on the given market conditions, taking care of the price-value proportion in relation to quality.

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